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If you’re like most of our team, then you’re probably tired of getting the ol’ St. Louis shaft when it comes to snowstorms. Well our goal is to finally fill that void and is geared towards special events such as birthday parties and seasonal fun! Our dream is for you and your family to enjoy those same Snow Day Memories you had back in the day that will last a lifetime!


Look no further because Hyperlocal Extreme Weather now has you covered! By “covered” we mean SNOW BOMBED! HLEW Proudly Presents: Snow Bomb Me! The First and ONLY Mobile REAL Snow Making service in the ENTIRE STL Region!


We bring to you a one-of-a-kind truly unique snow experience. Yes - We MAKE REAL SNOW made to order! Ya know… The REAL FLAKEY FROZEN STUFF! Snow that you can actually sled on, make snow angels or have that neighborly snowball fight to settle that dispute. You know, the one over their dog always stopping by to do business in your yard on the morning walk. Or… They may just simply wake up and look out their window and be like… WTF?!? 


We have worked around the clock this year to perfect our process and ensure REAL SNOW will be made On-Demand right at your Home, Business, or Special Event! Whether it’s just for mesmerizing holiday looks or guaranteed fun… ALL your Snow Day Dreams can now come true! In just a few hours, your yard will have that Holiday setting and those Christmas lights you still haven’t taken down glistening! So feel free to play hooky and throw your very own Private Snow Day Party! (We promise we won’t tell on you.)


You’ll be the new “Cool Kid” on the block with that beautiful Snow Covered yard and prolly make the kid with the bounce house down the street very jelly. Be sure to invite him over though to join in the Snow Day Fun since you’ll be the only house around that has your own Winter Wonderland and Plenty of REAL SNOW to satisfy all your Snow Day needs!


With our All New State-of-the-Art SNOW BOMBER, we come to you and create your Very Own WINTER STORM!


Your requirements are rather simple:

1.  Have access to standard power outlet.

2.  A water source for a standard water hose to hookup too.

* We also recommend having your yard mowed and clear of twigs or unnecessary obstructions because whatever’s in the yard will be entirely SNOW Bombed! *


That’s it! Leave the rest of the science to us and when you wake up the Next Day you’ll be greeted with a blanket of white from your very own Winter Storm!


Snow making processes are very complex but we’ve perfected it and made it simple for you to have snow made to order right in your yard or favorite sledding hill! Making snow does take a little time and the best snow-making occurs overnight. So as you could imagine, we figured you may have a few questions, so to help ya get those answered feel free to review our FAQ Section at the very bottom which will hopefully answer most of those. We can’t wait to see all of your Smiling Snow Day Pictures!


All you need to do is simply submit the form below to request a FREE Quote. Multi-Day Options are also available should you want a TON of snowpack more than what we can produce in a single night or day. The Snow Bomber is a Beast of a Snow Making Machine and we are confident you will love its finished product with more than enough snow to enjoy!



Please enter your information for a FREE Online Quote!
We will get back to you within 48hrs.


The FAQ's :

  • Well, that answer is thankfully Not Very Much!

    Standard electric costs ~12¢ per kWH. The combined power consumption is very minimal for our machines to operate efficiently which is exactly 7.09kWH. Simply put that’s only ~85¢ per hour. If you’d like to know exactly simply take (7.09 X Your Utility Bill Rate Per kWH) to get ya the exact costs. 

    Well water is almost free but in most cities, water consumption is very cheap. Average water cost is ~$2.25 Per 1000 gallons. To put that into perspective we use ~250 gallons of water per hour at a standard run time of 6 hours so that equates to only ~1500 gallons needed depending on your package for a total water cost of only $3.38. As always we recommend checking with your local ordinance to get exact costs as some may levy a higher tax bracket often to upgrade older systems. In general, the combined cost for a Single-Night/Day Snow Bomb (Electric + Water) comes to an estimated total of only $8.48 for a 6 hour run time!

  • This question is highly variable based on atmospheric conditions. Bottom line is the colder the temperature and the lower relative humidity, the more snow we can produce based on the wet-bulb temperature. The lower the wet-bulb temperature, the higher the snow output. Optimal conditions would be air temperature 27°F or lower, with a relative humidity of 40% or less. This would allow us to make an area of snow ~2500sqft+ with up 3” of snow pack in about 5 to 6 hours.

  • Due to atmospheric conditions beyond our control, we can’t guarantee snow depth. However, you can at the very least expect a FULL grass-covering of snow depending based on how large of an area you want Snow Bombed or even more if you purchase a longer snow session. Your grass should be cut to a max length of 3” or less before running the snow machine for best accumulation as it helps decrease loss especially if ground temperatures are above freezing. Remember, time is involved to get things really go as we will have to cool the ground first in these scenarios. January and February ground temperatures are often below freezing at night which really helps the snow pile up!

    We will always do our best to exceed your expectations by cranking out as much snow possible given conditions and package. Do keep in mind though that snow sublimates, melts and compacts over time so snow depth varies depending largely on the weather, time of day and ground conditions. Obviously, if we don’t think we can cover your yard in a blanket of snow in a single session then we are not going to do it and will work to get a new date rescheduled for ya when conditions improve.

  • Simply put, we live in the St. Louis Region so our best snow making opportunity almost always occurs overnight. It’s best for many reasons especially since you lose the radiational heating power of the sun and conversely, benefit on clear nights with radiational cooling which causes temperatures to plummet. Cloudy skies though do act as an insulator slowing nightly temperature drop but given the time of the year, it’s often still well below freezing making conditions optimal for snow production. In most cases, this means overnight snow making for higher snow depth yields. However, when major cold outbreaks occur frequently in January and February, we are also able to produce snow during the daytime as well!

  • We are using industrial-grade equipment. This means a high-end air compressor and a water pressure machine which are essential for adequate snow delivery. Air compression by nature does produces a level of noise you might compare to a standard garage air compressor or small generator. This is constant in order to keep max snow output levels however, is much more reduced by up to 70% due to our above-industry-standard custom built sound proofing box.

  • The legal stuff is always a factor given we can’t control what you do with your own snow day or how you maintain your property after we depart. For precautionary measures, we automatically salt areas of traffic such as sidewalks with salt and shovel it off before we leave. Snow may blow onto it after that though so it’s wise to keep a shovel and salt handy after we leave to keep things as safe and tidy as possible.


    Hopefully you are safe and responsible but we’ve seen enough YouTube videos to know that’s not always the case. For this reason, the incumbent must sign a liability waiver releasing us from any accidents or damages that may occur.

  • Throughout the years, we hope we have gained your trust as a credible weather source. We would never take your money and run. We love our community here too much. For this reason, if it snows and you no longer need it we offer a 100% refund. You may also cancel within 2 Weeks before your scheduled Snow Bomb so we can re-book someone else. However, due to extremely limited booking dates and preparation, if there’s no snow or none in the 5 day forecast period within that remaining 14 day window, will still receive a refund less a $100 built in deposit for simply just canceling for no reason.


    Additionally, snow making is not always possible but fairly reliable particularly at night in the months of January and February and even sometimes in early March. If for any reason we can’t make snow on your scheduled Snow Bomb date we will work with you the get a new date scheduled or issue a 100% refund. Whichever option works best for you is completely good with us!

  • NO. Under our guidelines and standard operating temperatures, during cold weather this is not a risk for any freezing to occur. I’m sure you’ve often heard to turn your faucets onto a slow trickle during extremely cold outbreaks to help avoid pipe freezes. This is the same concept. Moving water through lines helps keeps them from freezing up. 


    Obviously if we go down to dangerously cold temperatures then it becomes a health risk and at that point we would never put our team in any danger should those conditions develop and we would cancel on our own. Once completed, we disconnect our lines and recommend you turning off the water if it’s possible for any outside access as a precautionary measure. Where people often make mistakes is by not disconnecting hoses when not in use. So take this tip as some early advice and disconnect ALL your outside hoses when not in use. (You’ll thank us later.)

  • Absolutely YES! In fact, we recommend throwing down some grass seed before we bomb it to enhance your early season growth. Snow is a golden nugget when it comes to getting a good start to your Spring lawn. There are many benefits to this as snow not only helps hold in moisture loss but actually increases the nitrogen levels in your soil. This is essential and found in most fertilizers since it helps boost you early season grass growth!

Any other questions feel free to email us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Our email is:

Keep Calm and SNOW DAY ON!

Established sometime in 2023 on a single random night, a couple too many beers, a light bulb moment, a dream for years and a generous credit card limit.

©Copyright Hyperlocal Extreme Weather 2023




3 Hour Run Time

Snow Total: Up to 2”

*Does NOT include Taxes and any Extensive Travel Costs*



4 Hour Run Time

Snow Total: ~ 2 to 3”

*Does NOT include Taxes and any Extensive Travel Costs*



5 Hour Run Time

Snow Total: ~ 3 to 5”

*Does NOT include Taxes and any Extensive Travel Costs*



7 Hour Run Time

Snow Total: 4 to 6"

*Does NOT include Taxes and any Extensive Travel Costs*



Multi-Day Run Time

Snow Total: *Snow Packer*

*Does NOT include Taxes and any Extensive Travel Costs

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